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These are my observations.Oh and BTW ive been told by some of my female counterparts (and this is quoted) to F$%^ing get over it!!! men have had it soo good for soo long i have no sympathy. 1 point submitted 10 days agoDo you have any follow up on the companies success or failure after the layoffs ? Or any update on the potential rehires? Bragging about diversity online is a PR thing, I’m curious about the status now. Also, would it be possible that the people they let go were the easiest to (re)hire? If the managers want a mixed workspace, and women are notoriously harder to find at the expected skill level because of smaller pool of talent, would it not make sense from a business stand point to keep them as much as possible? 2 points submitted 12 days agoGoal was to not have a boring desk job in a corporate office somewhere.

“The tax issues are a big reason why this industry is so young,” said Quinton. “Even though our canned cocktails are 8.5 percent alcohol, putting them on par with a fairly strong beer, they are federally taxed at a much higher rate than beer or wine and the ABV for wine is always higher than ours. It’s a big deal.

Since only a few Air Force officials were cleared for OXCART (even though it was a joint CIA/USAF project), many UFO sightings raised internal military alarms. Some generals believed the Russians might be sending stealth craft over American skies to incite paranoia and create widespread panic of alien invasion. Today, BLUE BOOK findings are housed in 37 cubic feet of case files at the National Archives pages of reports.

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They’re not the only ones. In Maine, smart meter opponents, who claimed that electromagnetic radiation from the meters could cause health problems ranging from cancer to chronic pain, fought a four year battle with the Public Utility Commission, going all the way to the state’s Supreme Court. (The justices ultimately upheld the commission’s finding that the meters didn’t pose a risk.) And in Phoenix, Arizona, where a local utility has been installing the meters since the mid 2000s, more than 20,000 people have refused installation.

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