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FILE In this March 30, 2018, file photo, Laurie Shipp, center left, and Jody England Hansen, center right, show their support with about 1,000 Mormons and ex Mormons before marching to the church’s headquarters to deliver petitions demanding an end to one on one interviews between Mormon youth and lay leaders, in Salt Lake City. The Mormon church is for the first time posting the list of questions lay leaders are supposed to ask youth during closed door, one on one interviews that have come under scrutiny for sexual questions that sometimes arise. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File).

VANCOUVER If it looks like you can afford the average home in Metro Vancouver, you probably right. A typical detached home in the city now costs more than $1.5 million while the index price, which includes all types of housing for the entire region, is almost $900,000.Let assume you saved 20 per cent for a down payment not a bad strategy to avoid costly mortgage default insurance from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.Using CMHC standard that not more than 32 per cent of a homeowner gross monthly income should go towards housing, VanCity, the largest credit union in the province, said that in 2015 a median income would have translated into a maximum home price of $464,375 almost half of the actual index price in Vancouver.(For the purposes of the study, VanCity used an interest rate of 2.89 per cent, an amortization of 300 months, estimated monthly property taxes of $155 and a monthly heating bill of $100.)Real estate boom a licence to print money for those in the printing industryCanada’s crazy real estate ride to slow down in 2017, realtors sayVancouver’s hotel room rates hottest in Canada amid all round property boomTo buy that house, you need to come up with a down payment of $92,875, and your monthly mortgage payment, to pay off your $371,500 debt, would be $1,737.Some financial institutions will push those debt ratios to as high as 40 per cent of gross monthly income, so you might be able to stretch a little to get your home. Get a real sense of what on offer in this segment of the Vancouver market, we combed the listings and toured properties in late May.

It hurt like hell so I start running around screaming and we rush to the hospital. This was in Nacogdoches, Tx (middle of nowhere college town) so the hospital was slow. While I was waiting for the surgeon to do an analysis before surgery there were a few nurses that weren doing anything and they asked if I needed anything so I asked for a foot massage.

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