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It’s easy to see how the majestic sweep of Robert Stephenson’s railway bridge, glimpsed as one approaches Berwick across the Tweed, would have appealed to Lowry’s industrial eye. But those first impressions melt away as one walks down Castlegate. Take in B Bargains, behold the Shoe Zone.

It just doesn’t add up. For me, as an administrator who has been in coaching, it’s just not why you coach. It’s now why we have sports. Brad Haley, CMO of CKE Restaurants, which owns Carl’s Jr. And Hardee’s, said that the chicken ad isnt’ really suggestive but more of a “double entendre kind of a joke.” He noted that 72andSunny’s final product was a response to the creative brief, which was to communicate that this sandwich has the biggest chicken breasts in the fast food industry. “It’s kind of a tongue in cheek story about about large breasts, but they happen to be about chicken breasts.”.

Canadian dividends are taxed favourably but the road to such beneficial treatment is circuitous, involving both a and dividend tax credit along the way.The gross up, which is 38% in 2012, is meant to bring the actual level of eligible dividends received by a shareholder in a public company back up to the level of pre tax corporate income earned. The dividend tax credit is then meant to compensate the individual for the corporate taxes paid by the corporation in attempt to avoid, or at least reduce, the double taxation inherently associated with corporately earned income.But the gross up itself is not without unintended or if you take a more cynical approach to tax policy, intended consequences. For example, for the vocal 3% of retired Canadian seniors whose income is over about $70,000 in 2012, the gross up of dividends further increases the amount of Old Age Security benefits lost to the dreaded clawback.[np related]But it gets worse.

Karl Baumann is a designer, filmmaker, and researcher. His current work lies at the intersection of speculative design and community art. Working across cinema, games, and mobile media, his methodology is based on collaborative design and user participation that explores the future of civic engagement, urbanism, and networked technology.

As the arrangement unfolds, satin, around her, she takes in each phrase and makes the listener consider it, moving slowly and deliberately, as if she’s explaining something. The vocal is not sexy. It’s reassuring, like an embrace from a dear friend or even a family member..

It’s still two of the 1990s guys who provided so many thrills McGwire and Sosa, as they got 10 percent and 6.6 percent of the vote last year. There’s no amount of ballot rule shifting or change of attitudes that are going to get them to the Hall before they come off the ballot. The good news is that there will eventually be a need for a Hall of Fame committee to revisit the era and get history right..

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