Nike Sb Dunk High Tops

I asked Steele to further explain the UBC levels, which haven traditionally been as high in Oregon as in California and Washington. “The Unified Building Code was one of the first with seismic standards built in based on the hazard. UBC [level] 3 is essentially designed so the building will not collapse when subjected to 30 percent of the force of gravity in horizontal shaking,” he said.

Maybe we could agree thatthe most important statistic for a quarterback or a running back or a guard or an equipment manager is not really wins. Maybe it’s adjusted yards per passing attempt for a quarterback, or yards per touch for a running back, orquarterback pressures for a guard, orcleats taped per 60 seconds for an equipment manager. And yes of course, the quarterback has more to do with the final result than the guard, or the equipment manager.

Poking fun at the usual melodrama of perfume ads, it ushers in a new era of visual collaboration. The result? My Mutant Brain: a four minute short that owes more to music video and avant garde dance than to a fashion shoot.Choreographed by Ryan Heffington, who has worked with singer Sia (remember the frenetic Maddie Ziegler performance everyone was talking about in the video for the performance alone is surprising, fun, and completely exhilarating to watch like the best James Bond chase scene. Evoking both empowerment and whimsy, the video features a woman (Qualley) attending a formal awards ceremony who loses interest and ventures out into the foyer of LA modernist Dorothy Chandler Pavilion music hall, where she proceeds to dance as if she has been embodied by a spirit: part animal and part human.It was a smart move by Kenzo to bring together so many arts, culture, film, and fashion touch points.

However, Rorsted admitted that the company failed to focus enough on the launch of new products in western Europe, prompting management changes in the region. Sales were likely to stay flat in the region in the second half of the year, he said. Firm has been powering ahead in Europe, Middle East and Africa, with sales up 10 percent in its March to May fiscal fourth quarter..

Force him towards your defender, get between him and the closest team mate to block passing lanes and be physical. I only use the contain to bring over support to prevent a winger cutting inside. With regards to standing tackle, it often not necessarily.

NORTHAM: Feroz says compounding the challenge is the birth rate. About 40 children are born in this slum every month. Feroz and his team step into a large tent, where a woman, her 10 children and others are scattered. Ok sure, maybe there are issues with the spec, but the general concept of JWT is sound. And your article neither calls out the JWT spec explicitly nor does it provide any alternatives. Instead, you tear down the “crappy libraries” strawman and say “don use JWTs”.

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